Mechanistic View Of Life vs. Vitalistic View Of Life


1-Based   on 300 years old scientific principles that emerged out of the physic of   Newton & the scientific method of Descartes.  Reductionist.


2-View   the universe as a giant clock


3-view   the body as a machine

4-Whole=sum   of parts

5-Study   all the parts=understanding of the whole



7-Closed   system


*predictable.Dx; therapist; prognosis


1-Deals   w/crisis care through the treatment of effects by suppressing symptoms,   sickness & disease


2-Doctor   is authoritarian, patriarchal, intervenes on submissive patient who is   dependent


3-Disease   seen as an entity & event.    Symptoms, sickness & disease is wholly; judged as abnormal=>at   war w/body & environment


4-Believe   in the germ theory of disease

5-Based on inductive reasoning

1-State   of health, consciousness & belief of doctor is inconsequential to   patient.


2-Fear   in every interaction


3-   Normalization


4-   Technology, science, art & philosophy


5-Sterile,   cold, impersonal, uniform & ritual, expensive


1-Based   on contemporary scientific principle that emerged out of quantum physic.  The science of Chaos, Change &   Complexity.  Wholeistic.

2-View   the universe as a living system


3-body   as bioenergetic information whirlpool

4-Whole>sum   of parts

5-Study   the whole=>respect for unknown O/o


*Wholistic practitioner

6-Water=   H20+Energy

7-Open   system




1-Deals   w/wellness care, address primary cause (life force/innate). Expression of   symptoms essential for restoration of integrity

2-Doctor   is teacher educator, partner, facilitates healing in participant of the tango   of healing


3-Disease   seen as a process, a manifestation of underlying disharmony.  Message to change, challenge to body,   adaptation=>at peace with body & environment

4-Believe   in the breakdown theory


5-Based on deductive reasoning

1-State   of health, consciousness & belief of doctor is paramount for person’s   transformation


2-Trust   in every interaction




4-   Philosophy, science, art, technology


5-Alive,   warm, personal, casual, practical, inexpensive


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