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The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely

The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely
I started becoming very interested in how healing occurs when I became a Chiropractor. Why do some people heal and others don’t? Healing comes from the Greek word haelen which means to be whole. Sickness or disease is separation. I became obsessed with helping other people heal to heal themselves. We forget that we are all healers, but we are the healers of ourselves. I can’t heal you, only you can heal yourself. Doctor comes from the Latin word docere, which means to teach. My purpose is to teach you how to heal yourself and how to be in a state of wellness for the rest of your life.
I am going to share with you 3 important factors you can do on a daily basis that will help you heal yourself now and keep you in state of well-being for the rest of your life.
The first one is to look at the things that happen in your life differently. Actually that is what true forgiveness is. For you to give up your perception of what you think happened. Forgiveness is always a prerequisite for a miracle to occur. A miracle is a change in perception.
Most people have a perception that something is either good or bad. Like praise and criticism, one is considered good and one is considered bad. If we get praised all of the time then we will never truly learn from our mistakes. Our ego can get really big to make us think that we are better than everybody else, and that can put us off center. On the other hand, when we are criticized, it can actually be something good. We can learn from it and it can make us more resilient, resolved, and not afraid to take action. However, if we take the criticism negatively that can put us off center. To be centered is to have your soul and your mind aligned into one. Soul means spirit of unconditional love. When we are aligned, that is where we are whole, and in a state of well-being. When we judge anyone, anything, or any event that might have occurred to us, it is making us off our true center.

There are 2 forms of judgement:
1. Vertical, Looking up at somebody or looking down at somebody.
2. Horizontal, Being in a state of infatuation (only looking at the so-called positive traits of a person)or being in a state of resentment (looking at only the negative traits of a person)
We need to remind ourselves to be in an equanimity state where we see everybody as equal. Don’t put somebody on a pedestal, don’t put them in a pit, but put them in your heart. That is the state of unconditional love. We need to be equilibrated which means to stop judging something as being good or bad. When these things happen in our life we need to remind ourselves to come back to our center. That is when we are whole or healed.
The second thing we can do to heal ourselves is to be in a state of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude. The reason behind this is because being grateful puts us in our present state of mind. When we are in our present state of mind, our soul and mind become aligned, therefore creating balance. There are no past judgements and no future expectations. The past brings guilt and the future brings fear. Healing cannot be accomplished in the past. It must be accomplished in the present to release the future.
The third thing is always to be in a state of love. Love is the synthesis and synchronicity of complementary opposites. In other words, love is equal support and challenge. There is no opposite to love, because it is in the middle when you are in perfect alignment. In order for us to be in love, our soul and mind must be in alignment because that is where you will feel unconditional love. Love is light and light is life. Love is the only thing that is real because it cannot be destroyed. What is hidden from light cannot be healed. Love can’t enter where there is one spot of fear. We must shine our light to let other people shine their light.

Remember the 3 important factors in healing yourself or staying in a state of wellness:
1. Don’t Judge.
2. Attitude of gratitude.
3. Be in a state of unconditional love.
Gratitude and love are the world’s greatest healers. That is what grace is. Wellness is equal support and challenge. Illness is when challenge is greater than support. Wellness is we are all part of the universe. Illness is I against the universe. A Balanced mind equals a balanced body. There is a divine force that wants us always to be in balance. By healing yourself you learn of wholeness and by learning of wholeness you learn to remember God.

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Never Enough

Never Enough

A lot of people that come in my office with depression, sadness, fear, and anxiety, would be helped by one easy daily exercise. It isn’t running, lifting weights or any other physical activity for that matter. What I am talking about will surprise most of you! It is the daily practice of gratitude in your life. Why is practicing gratitude in your daily life important? It puts you in your present state of mind. When you are in your present state of mind joy and happiness can enter your life rather than depression, sadness, fear or anxiety. Those negative emotional states can lead to physical illnesses and can become life threatening. They can never be present when you are thinking about the present. Happiness comes from the root word happening. In other words when your mind is focused on the present it is the only way you can become truly happy.

In 2005 a study conducted by Andrew Steptow and Michael Marmot at University College London, found that happiness is related to biological markers that play an important role in health. The researchers aimed to analyze whether there was any association between well-being and two biological markers: heart rate and cortisol levels (stress hormone). Interestingly, the participants who rated themselves the least happy had cortisol levels that were 48% higher than those who rated themselves as the most happy. Repeating their studies three years later Steptow and Marmot found that participants who scored high in positive emotion continued to have lower levels of cortisol as well as a lower heart rate. In Happy People Live Longer, Bruno Frey reported that happy people live 14% longer, increasing longevity 7.5 to 10 years and Richard Davidson’s bestseller The Emotional Life of Your Brain  argues that positive emotion and happiness benefit long-term health.

When you practice gratitude you will find out that there are a lot of things you have to be grateful for in your life. The other thing that starts to happen is the negative emotions will slowly go away because by using gratitude the lack attitude turns into the more than enough attitude. Remember to have an attitude of gratitude every day and for the rest of your life.

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I Don’t Believe In Chiropractic


I Don’t Believe In Chiropractic

There are so many times when somebody asks me what I do for a living and I tell them that I am a Chiropractor. Then they tell me that they believe in Chiropractic and it is meant as a compliment or supporting my profession. I reply back to them that I don’t believe in Chiropractic and they look at me perplexed. What do you mean you don’t believe in Chiropractic? but you’re a Chiropractor! I am a Chiropractor, but it is not a belief it is a law. What do you mean by that? It is a law of having a clear nervous system of any interference. These interferences are called subluxations. A subluxation is the condition of a vertebra that has lost its proper position with the one above or the one below or both; which occludes an opening, impinges nerves and interferes with the transmission of the nerve impulses of the brain. If you have any subluxations your body is not going to function at its optimum, because your body is under total control by your nervous system. Your nervous system controls all the organs, muscles, tissues, and cells in the body.

It’s like believing if there is gravity or not. There is the law of gravity. Trust me you don’t believe if there is gravity or not. If you were on a tall building and jumped from it you would feel the effects of gravity in a very sudden and dangerous way. Your belief doesn’t affect if you or going to fall or not, it is a law just like the law of nerve interference. In a more dramatic example of the law of nerve interference, if your spinal cord was severed your body would never function at its optimum because the messages from the brain down the spinal cord and branching out the spinal nerves could never send the proper messages to all the organs, muscles, tissues, and cells in the body again. Dr. Suh,  a research doctor from the University of Colorado did a study on nerve conduction and he found out that putting only 20 mm of Hg pressure would reduce the communication from the brain, through that nerve by an astonishing 50%. 20 mm of Hg pressure is the equivalent of the amount of pressure that a weight of a dime would have on a nerve. How painful is that? Not very painful right, so waiting until you’re in pain to see your Chiropractor is a poor indicator for any nerve interference.

Remember just like the law of gravity there is a law of nerve interference. Stop believing in Chiropractic and know that it is a fact that a nervous system with no interference will let your body function at its optimum the way it should all the time.

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Basketball Shooting Star

Basketball Shooting Star

            I was the team chiropractor for the Trenton, New Jersey Shooting Stars basketball team from 1999-2000. The Shooting Stars team was a professional minor league basketball team. Just because they were playing in Trenton didn’t mean they were not good basketball players. Most of the players on the team were college all-stars looking for a break to make it to the NBA or past NBA players trying to make it back to the NBA.

At the beginning of one of their practices, I met with the team and the coaches to explain what chiropractic was about and how it could help them increase their athletic potential. I told the players that the difference between them and the NBA players was so little that anything that could help with their basketball playing could quite possibly put them on a NBA team. Instead of making $20,000 a year in Trenton they could be making the league minimum in the NBA of (more…)

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Which is the most important profession to your health?

Which is the most important profession to your health?

            The majority of people would say that your medical doctor is the most important person to keeping us healthy.  That would be wrong. Here is some history behind what happened when medical doctors went on strike in different areas of the world. In Israel in 1973, the doctors went (more…)

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Healthcare Supermarket

There are many times when people will want my opinion on their personal healthcare issues. Just about all of the times it is concerning a certain drug or having some sort of surgery procedure. I always have to remind them that drugs and surgery are out (more…)

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The Pendulum of Health

We can learn about health through Newton’s third law of motion that states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you exert a certain force on a pendulum it will swing the exact (more…)

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The Hidden Truth of the Common Cold

The Hidden Truth of the Common Cold

Everybody has had a cold before.   Do you know what is really happening in your body when you have a cold? The cold is actually caused by different viruses grouped together called the rhino viruses. The reason why it is called a cold (more…)

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The Most Important Bone in The Body?

You are born with 206 bones in your body give or take a few because of anomalies. There are so many bones to choose from that are important to the human body functioning properly, but this bone when misaligned or out of place can affect almost every bone in the body. Unless you are a healthcare practitioner you probably haven’t even heard of it before.

The bone that I am referring to is the (more…)

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Mechanistic View Of Life vs. Vitalistic View Of Life


1-Based   on 300 years old scientific principles that emerged out of the physic of   Newton & the scientific method of Descartes.  Reductionist.


2-View   the universe as a giant clock


3-view   the body as a machine

4-Whole=sum   of parts

5-Study   all the parts=understanding of the whole



7-Closed   system


*predictable.Dx; therapist; prognosis


1-Deals   w/crisis care through the treatment of effects by suppressing symptoms,   sickness & disease


2-Doctor   is authoritarian, patriarchal, intervenes on submissive patient who is   dependent


3-Disease   seen as an entity & event.    Symptoms, sickness & disease is wholly; judged as abnormal=>at   war w/body & environment


4-Believe   in the germ theory of disease

5-Based on inductive reasoning

1-State   of health, consciousness & belief of doctor is inconsequential to   patient.


2-Fear   in every interaction


3-   Normalization


4-   Technology, science, art & philosophy


5-Sterile,   cold, impersonal, uniform & ritual, expensive


1-Based   on contemporary scientific principle that emerged out of quantum physic.  The science of Chaos, Change &   Complexity.  Wholeistic.

2-View   the universe as a living system


3-body   as bioenergetic information whirlpool

4-Whole>sum   of parts

5-Study   the whole=>respect for unknown O/o


*Wholistic practitioner

6-Water=   H20+Energy

7-Open   system




1-Deals   w/wellness care, address primary cause (life force/innate). Expression of   symptoms essential for restoration of integrity

2-Doctor   is teacher educator, partner, facilitates healing in participant of the tango   of healing


3-Disease   seen as a process, a manifestation of underlying disharmony.  Message to change, challenge to body,   adaptation=>at peace with body & environment

4-Believe   in the breakdown theory


5-Based on deductive reasoning

1-State   of health, consciousness & belief of doctor is paramount for person’s   transformation


2-Trust   in every interaction




4-   Philosophy, science, art, technology


5-Alive,   warm, personal, casual, practical, inexpensive


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