Words from Patients

I came in to Dr. Kita because of many problems with my back, neck, and headaches resulting from a car accident. Thankfully, I no longer require pain medication, and feel wonderful! I’m so happy a friend suggested Dr. Kita and his very unique treatment. God Bless him! (I have also not found it necessary to use any asthma prescriptions since under Dr. Kita’s care!) L.R.

I came to Dr. Kita in pain. Sciatic nerve pain before Dr. Kita, I didn’t know where to turn, as I was already seeing a regular chiropractor weekly. To say I was skeptical was an understatement, but I had nothing to lose and who knew this would relieve my pain. After my first visit, my pain was gone. In addition, having doctor Kita in my life has been life changing, as I feel like a new person. Dr. Kita and KST are my new healthy addition. I tell everyone about Dr. Kita and this new miracle technique. Believe me, when I tell you this works, this works!!! S.O.

I am Dr. Kita’s #1 fan. I have never been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Kita was my first experience and it has changed my life! KST is amazing! I feel wonderful all over! The results were incredible and instant! Dr. Kita has really helped change my body, mind , and soul to be healthier and happier! He will always be part of my healthcare for the rest of my life! A.O.

Within the course of a few days my scoliosis was completely cured. It had been present for nearly a decade. Hooray!! B.W.

After just 2 visits I feel 100% better. I suffered from back and neck pain for years. After my 1st visit the Dr. informed me that I was dehydrated, which was causing a majority of my back pain. After 1 week of increasing my water intake the pain subsided. I will be a patient for life and refer all my friends. T.C.

My personal experience here at Dr. Kita’s office has been nice, he has really helped me, and he is a great guy. J.P.

I feel great, no problems as long as I continue to make my appointments my knees continue to cause no pain even though they both need to be replaced. T.W.

Dr. Kita, I found tremendous relief in both hands, legs and lower back in one adjustment, after years of pain. It also helped my mood swings associated with menopause. M.B.

I had 3 herniated discs, two bulging discs, leg pain, back pain, and migraine headaches for 9 years. Dr. Kita’s treatments have greatly improved my health and well being. I thank God for this procedure! S.E.

Dr. Kita is great! I didn’t even know how much pain I was in until he helped me! I feel like a new woman! T.S.

Dear Dr. Kita, I cannot thank you enough for that you have done for me over the past month. The Koren Specific Technique has been remarkable in helping me lose weight. After my very first adjustment, I noticed all my cravings went away. I rarely experience hunger anymore, and I also find I become full rather quickly. IN a month I have gone from dress size 9/10 to a size 6! You have helped me get back my energy, as well as confidence I have been lacking over the years. Thank you so much, Dr. Kita, you are an amazing soul! Kristin

Dr. Kita, Since having the KST, I feel I have a refreshed body. It is a bit hard to put my finger on. But overall feel so much better. Physically I have lost weight. I have been watching my diet closely. But I feel the overall reduction of strees and anxiety I had from the treatments, has had an effect on my eating habits. I feel more content between meals and do not need to “nervously nibble”. My posture has also improved. And I have not had a sinus headache since I began treatments, which I was chronically living with before I started KST. I am a true testament of a successful treatments… Judy

The road to wellness leads to Dr. Kita’s office.
Julie F.