Healing Journeys

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step………
Many people suffer from health problems that are caused by past emotional traumas or thinking patterns, but often they have no understanding of the real, underlying cause of their physical symptoms, and so no way to really begin to heal. In Healing Journeys: Stories of Mind, Body & Spirit, Dr. Kevin Kita tells the stories of six patients and their journeys to health.Dr. Kita combines his knowledge of chiropractic with a variety of other techniques as well as his own intuition to offer us a fascinating look at the connection between our minds and our bodies. His unique story-telling style makes this much more than just a standard how-to. Beautifully illustrated by nationally-known artist Jessica Krause, it’s an enjoyable and fascinating read.


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What people are saying about Healing Journeys Stories of Mind, Body, and Spirit By Dr. Kevin Kita

“Dr. Kevin Kita’s “Healing Journeys: Stories of Mind, Body and Spirit” encourages the reader to take stock – and, in conjunction with that, responsibility – when seeking answers to physical ailments. Oftentimes, there are underlying issues which contribute to the severity of our physical issues. Dr. Kita’s remarkable intuition and gentle manner allow those he comes in contact with to truly look themselves in the eye and confront their problems from more than one angle. The reader will gain insight in dealing with fear, anger, and criticism, among other emotions. This book is a must-read for anyone who desires to be fully healthy,
both inside and out.”
-Jeff Olsen
Best Selling Author of The Slight Edge

“A heartfelt mixture of the physical and the metaphysical, the transformative and the healthful,from Chiropractic to the healing power of the body, mind and soul.”
-Dr John Demartini
Author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

“In this book, we learn that the physical symptom is usually just that…a symptom. The root cause is practically always emotional and must be discovered, acknowledged and dealt with in order for one to heal themselves. The wisdom of Dr. Kita can help us do just that and, as a result, live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.”
-Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

“Dr. Kevin Kita’s Healing Journeys: Stories of Mind, Body and Spirit is a seemingly simple book with much wisdom, information, and a bit of magic. The book’s central statement that “negative emotions can cause health problems” is not an unusual idea in itself, but Dr. Kevin Kita’s handling is not just unusual but unique. He systematically addresses six emotions–anger, fear, criticism, self esteem, resentment,and forgiveness–with true case studies. He gives his own, genuine reaction as he meets each case.
These sections of the book warrant special attention. Also, he suggests self-help exercises for each emotion, for the sake of good health for us his readers. Along the way, we read fascinating chiropractic information. Dr. Kita makes it fascinating by his plain and intelligent style. The author’s unassuming and honest approach to each case and his deepening abilities inspire us. And, perhaps to our surprise and, with that bit of magic, our authentic encounter with the author gives us an unexpected healing.”
-Lisa Nicole Woodside, PhD Professor Emerita Holy Family University

“This book is much like it’s author – kind, gentle, thoughtful, helpful. As a philosopher, it has taken me many years to become less “top-heavy” (intellectual), and more aware of the need for physical and emotional balance. This book re-confirms my journey, and especially the need for emotional awareness and care. Dr. Kita’s work and book are truly wholistic. It is fascinating to read about the interplay of body, thought, emotion, life-problems, and healing, in such simple, clear, compassionate writing. As a Nietzschean scholar, I was impressed to see Resentment as a key problem and topic here. Nietzsche himself called attention to the powerful role of resentment in the modern psyche. (He also suffered from migraines and other debilitating problems which a gifted healer like Dr. Kita might have assuaged!”
Harold Weiss, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Northampton Community College

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