Gatorade Thirst Bencher!!!

         Gatorade is one of the most recognizable sport drinks for athletes. “Brominated Vegetable Oil” (BVO) is listed as an ingredient in Gatorade and is considered a flame retardant. BVO is banned in countries like Japan and the European Union. Do you think Gatorade would ever want their drinks to be seen as a health risk? Gatorade says they use BVO just to keep certain colors bright — even though some research suggests it can cause impaired brain development, reduced fertility, and can stay in the body for a long time. The government and the sports drink industry claim that it’s safe to use BVO below certain levels, but dangerous flame retardants of any amount in Gatorade can be dangerous. BVO is not in every Gatorade drink just a few flavors, but that is too many. It doesn’t make sense that they would keep such a controversial ingredient for just a couple of drinks, especially since they already have to take it out for sale in other countries.

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