Reaching Your Golf Potential

There is a new way of reaching your golf potential without getting the latest golf equipment or taking countless hours of golf instruction. What, I am talking about is a new Chiropractic technique called Koren Specific Technique (KST). Why is this technique different from other Chiropractic care and how will this help your golf game?
KST is different because a person is adjusted in the position of misalignment or discomfort. With traditional Chiropractic care a person is adjusted face down, face up, left side up, right side up, but often the person’s problem or discomfort occurs when they are standing or in a position other than lying down. This is very important because often a misalignment can be observed only in a certain posture or position. For instance, a golfer who is having discomfort during their backswing can be adjusted while in the backswing stance.
The same applies to problems addressing the ball, follow-through or any variety of movement difficulties. This is what makes KST so powerful. Any movement in your golf swing that feels stuck or less fluid than you would like, can be adjusted in that position.. There is no twisting, turning, “cracking” or “popping” of the joints. KST is very gentle yet powerful. Patients usually notice dramatic changes following the very first visit. Your body will likely hold these adjustments for a much longer period of time, so you can go longer periods between adjustments.
KST adjustments can be done on cranial bones, TMJ, the entire spinal column, sacrum, coccyx, discs, hips, sternum, ribs, legs, shoulders, arms, and other areas that might be causing dysfunction. The adjustments are done by a very low force instrument called the arthrostim. The arthrostim pulsates or thrusts at a rate of 12 times per second. It has a variety of stylus heads which enables very specific adjustments to be given to the exact location in need of adjusting.
The results from the adjusted golfers are nothing less than phenomenal. They have all reported back to me that they are able to rotate their hips more thus increasing power and accuracy. One golfer increased his drive by 35 yards. Two other golfers shot their best score ever on the golf courses they have been playing for years. The one golfer, I adjusted came in first place in a local two day golf club tournament shooting 73 and 73 respectively. He said to me this is the best golf he is playing in many years. The second
place golfer, I also adjusted in the same tournament he shot 72 and 75 respectively.
Everybody tells me that they are more relaxed and fluid with their swing after a KST adjustment.

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